Hello, I am Melissa Smith-Kolpien
Company Name : Younique
Position : Independent Presenter
Chippewa Falls,United States

I sell Younique Make-up and skin care products. Naturally Based, made in the USA....

Hello, I am Sukru Arslan
Company Name : Tasarim Evi
Position : Manager

TASARIM EVI   Custom-designed for your home.

Hello, I am Favori Tekstil
Company Name : Favori Tekstil
Position : Owner

FAVORI TEKSTIL Offers a unique and stylish selection of women's apparel a....

Hello, I am Malaika Tul Haramain
Company Name :
Position :

Let's make your dreams come true with us - MALAIKA TUL HARAMAIN.

Hello, I am Javgal Patel
Company Name : Classic Event
Position :

CLASSIC EVENTS We create, you celebrate.

Hello, I am Ismail Oulkhir
Company Name : Krohler
Position :

  My name is Ismail from Morocco. I work at Krohler, a company that s....

Hello, I am Waleed Motafa
Company Name : Waleed Motafa Furnitures
Position : Owner

  I'm Waleed from Damietta, a furniture designer and manufacturer.

Hello, I am S.G. Caterers
Company Name : S.G. Caterers & Event Planners
Position : Managing Director
East Delhi,INDIA

We provide indoor & outdoor catering services since 2004. We are expertise i....

Hello, I am William Bakashaba
Company Name : Cul Tours and Safaris Ltd
Position : Safari Guide and Tour consultant

  Greetings from Uganda!  I'm William Bakashaba, a Grad....

Hello, I am Home Decor
Company Name : Home Decor
Position : Owner

Home Decor Goods began its journey From 2007 as a manufacturer and exporter of a....

Hello, I am Kristine Jamerlan
Company Name : Royale
Position : International Distributor

  Royale is a 100% Filipino-owned corporation established in 2006. F....

Hello, I am Eduardo
Company Name : Carpinteria Guatemala
Position : Owner

My name is Eduardo, I'm from Guatemala. My company makes wooden furnitures.

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