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Blossom Home Decoration Limited Company is the founder and promoter in the field of soft home, and is the up market of home decoration fabrics ’s advance customization in china that offers custom made,sales,and finished product processing. Also is the leader of high end brand home decoration in china which adds design and process into one major. Blossom is the most powerful professional brand in China. We have continuously been synchronize with international fashion and vanguards of design; keep exquisite craft; provide perfect product and intimate after-sales service. Blossom Home Decoration Limited Company have art furniture and two brand branches: Blossom , Dama Royal. You can decorate your home in products which we dedicated, and building beautiful art household environment with us. Our Chinese franchising system will hand in hand to create wealth with you. Blossom brand based on the principle of “ Fabric Art Inspiration things we love”. It is synonymous with pleasant , luxury, style, concept, vogue and taste. offers customized curtain ,bedding, furniture to custom, fully satisfied the needs of custom. Emphasis on coalesce practical function and artistry together.

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Blossom Home Furnishings Co.,Ltd
Zhejiang Blossom Home Furnishings Co., Ltd
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