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PRENSATUR, SA - We are a promotion agency, advertising and marketing with emphasis on tourism.

It was founded by Arq. Luis Cerrato  in 1997, returning from Orlando Fl, USA,

where he served as Vice-President in PRENSATUR, USA. 

He coordinated two international conferences in 1994,

the INTERNATIONAL MEDIA CONFERENCE in Miami and in 1996 the EXPO AMERICAS in Orlando, FL.



It is dedicated to the promotion, development, through systems Marketing and Advertising trade,

professionals, companies and marketing of the tourism industry in general, 

advice and consultancy, events tourism, printed and material benefit of tourism promotion ,

design strategies and national promotion of the tourism industry have international,

mapping, guides, tV programs, posters to promote and stimulate domestic and foreign markets. 

Make arrangements to promote tourism with agencies and national and international companies.



To contribute to the development of tourism and trade, socio-economic,

cultural and any other order in its geographical area slopes; 

and the study and sharing professional problems that may afflict the development

and raise proposals and initiatives to government, institutional, administrative

and all the areas of public and private business entities

that can help sustainable tourism development in the regions.

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Luis Cerrato
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