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South Asia Trekking (SAT) is an An ISO 9001:2008 Certified leading adventure- Expedition / Treks & Tour Operator Company, registered under the Nepal Government, Ministry of Tourism & Civil Aviation & affiliated with many tourism associations and related other networks is a well reputed company founded by the most experienced adventure tourism professionals in Nepal since. We feel that all of you are well aware for the importance of proper guidance and perfect handling in the field of Himalayan tourism and having spent many decades in this field we are here to help with your adventure requirements / information. We clear all our annual taxes and keep the company uptodated related to the concerned fields.
The company was officially established on 4th January, 2000, though our professionalism in this field have been more than three decades. Clients from almost all nationalities and well known corportate houses around the world have used our service, satisfied and recommended us for any adventure travel activities in the Himalayas, and so we welcome you too!

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Damai Chheering Sherpa
South Asia Trekking
Mountaineering Support Climbing and Guide
Tel: 009771-4373396 / hotline mob no. 9851054606
P.O.BOX : 12832 Sukedhara, Kathmandu, Nepal
City: Kathmandu
Country: Nepal
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