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Welcome to Zanzibar Marine Tours


& Safaris (Zama Tours)


Zama Tours & Safaris provides superior services

for those who want to explore both Zanzibar

and Tanzania mainland. Wildlife safaris, mountain climbs,

beach holidays and water sports are only part of our

wide range of services. Zama Tours & Safaris

believe that providing a tourism service

is a very delicate and complicate business,

and should be approached with utmost professionalism.

When customers come on our hands,

they will experience, even before the beauty of our country,

a our memorable hospitality.

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our guests

by offering outstanding customer service, great value,

safety and comfort, and above all bring your dreams

to reality and craft them into a lifelong souvenir.

The Zama Tours & Safaris would love to share

our experience of a land we so much treasure,

Zanzibar, Tanzania and its people.

We offer exciting, affordable and irresistible tours

and travel packages to individuals and groups. 

As we are celebrating six years of over 1000

of happy guests, we are confident that our company

is heading to the right direction and we want to offer

a heartfelt thanks to all of you who has chosen our company.

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Saidi Katuga
Zanzibar, Tanzania
City: Zanzibar
Country: Tanzania, United Republic of
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