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A Melbourne born emcee, heavily influenced by the 90's Hip Hop music but also as equally influenced by Rock n' Roll & Metal music blasted on the scene in 2005 with the release of his first single "WHAT YA KNOW BOUT' ME?" followed by the release of his first mixtape "STRAIGHT OUT THE LIONS DEN" in 2006. Featuring on several other mixtapes he quickly got collaborations in the U.S from a New York rapper "JUMZ" (BUILT FOR MY CITY/HOODLIFE MOVEMENT/A-SQUAD RECORDS) featuring on "TURN IT UP" IN 2008.

After his music career remaining stagnate for a while due to other focuses in his life he picked up the pen and pad and began spilling ink again in 2010.

His first inspiration back in the game was on a track never released with "LIKWID EYECE" (URBAN PROPHETZ) "STROBE" (MISCHIEF MAYKAHS) & "RYTHMIC" (DANGER SQUAD) titled "STRAIGHT FROM THE GUTTER".

Not concerned about image or money and material things in life "Trashy White" begun writing Spoken Word Poetry on subjects that seem to have fallen through the cracks of society or things he had seen, done, been through or educated himself on. Coming from a place infamously known as Trash or lower class (Hence the name!) he chose to speak on reality, truth and sometimes hidden topics that often go unheard in mainstream public but to his disadvantage, whilst in doing so getting a lot of negative critic attention for 1. lyrical content and 2. for being a "WHITE" rapper (Hence the name!) "Trashy White" decided to embrace his roots and what it was and run with it being true to himself in an industry where everybody is trying to be someone they are not.

"Trashy White" isn't your average rapper! Life trials & tribulations moulded and shaped "Trashy White" into the formidable force he is now. After breaking away from that anchored wreckage once called "VK", "Trashy White" has continued making a name for himself by leaking tracks on various collaborations & mixtapes from Gold Coast to Melbourne aswell as continuing his international connection to collaborations in New York.

Meanwhile "Trashy White" over the past 2 years has been performing at various festivals & events as a solo artist while working on the new tracks for (BODYBAG GANG) with "LIKWID EYECE" & "KRITICAL" from Sydney (SWAG KILLAZ).

A master of political spits, addressing many political topics, revealing forgotten government cover ups & false flag operations worldwide, as for "Dirt Nasty" you can expect to hear some foul mouth, offensive in your face music.

Most recently Trashy White has collaborated with CTG (CONQUIR THE GLOBE PRODUCTIONS) on a mixtape release presented by FMG's (FREEWAY MUSIC GROUP) Freeway Rick Ross, "FREEWAY TO AUSTRALIA VOLUME 1" and also is in the works with DPG Australia, a team that really has given him the inspiration and opportunity to be heard worldwide.

Remember the name! "TRASHY WHITE" (STRAIGHT JACKET MUSIC) - "Its a movement!"

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Trashy White
Gold Coast, Australia
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Country: Australia
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