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I am not a DR, I can not prescribe OILS or protocols for you. This is simply a page to share information/knowledge I have found.

I have been in YoungLiving for about 9 months now. It has helped me with my 24/7 Chronic Migraine, my asthma and allergies, my son's broken toe, my other son's torn ligament in his leg, my father's diabetes, my hormones (PMS and cramps), and the well being of our whole house. I am constantly learning and researching and this page it to SHARE what I am learning or have learned about OILS or other YL products.. and might through in occasional other health tips from time to time. 

Feel free to ask questions, and I can meet with you locally. Information and Research into Young Living Essential Oils and Health. Brought to you by Rachel Biddlecome #1692586

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To order You can go here - and enter your info, and then simply order what you would like. 

Or you can check out the Young Living website here - and order that way. Just please use my member # 1692586

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