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5 Ways to Reduce Work-Related Stress

For the most part, people aren’t satisfactorily managing their stress. According to the American Psychological Association, 30 percent of Americans say their anxiety has improved over the last year and 20 percent of people even say they undergo levels of “extreme stress.”

From lengthy commutes to poor leadership, there are a range of things that lead to a individual’s stress levels. A recent survey by Comparably found that above all, “uncertain goals” were the number one source of stress for employees. The other leading migraines are bad direction, long commutes, hard co-workers and long hours. But, 42 percent identified unclear goals as their top stressor.

Stress can frequently result in burnout. While you might think a vacation could be a good remedy for this, a lot of men and women feel pressure to work during their time off. According to the survey, 33 percent of girls and 26 percent of men say their bosses expect them to work during holiday.

So even if a vacation can be stressful, how do folks truly chill outside? Comparably co-founder and CEO Jason Nazar shared his tips on what individuals can do inside and outside the workplace to prevent and fight stress.

1. Take a walk.

“Take some time from your daily life to break your customs. Stress is a habitual reaction to things that are externally happening around us. It is our instant reaction to matters which are causes or difficult or hard for all of us. So you have got to break particular habits and a really good way that I advocate is getting from your work surroundings and taking a 20 to 30 minute walk a day if you can. Give yourself the time to decompress during the workday so you’re not letting things develop all day long.”

2. Start your day with mindfulness.

“Start your day with intention. Take time on your own, for yourself, to consider what you want. A lot of research indicates that carrying 15 to 20 minutes each morning and starting your day with meditation until you have breakfast, even before going on the computer, prior to going into all the specifics of your daily life, makes a massive difference.”

3. Disconnect.

“Give yourself some time to just not think about work whatsoever or worry about whatever’s happening. And a very major part of this has been off a gadget. A enormous part of what makes us stress and less productive is being so tethered to our apparatus all of the time. I think putting the phone away, putting screens away and simply being in the present physical world can really decrease stress.”

4. Improve relationships.

“We’ve got another study that shows one in three people work with someone which makes them want to quit. And so quite often the most significant source of anxiety in your daily work life is a co-worker or manager. Constructive, proactive discussions with those people might be a massive source of stress relief. If we could be proactive in approaching and interacting with that person about how things could get better, it turns into a dramatically important method to relieve anxiety.”

5. Create work friendships.

“Inside the office, one of the most crucial matters is getting a close relationship at work. If you have a best friend at work, when either times are tough or when times are great, you can have someone there to go through that experience.”

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