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How to have a vacation to London with a budget plan

How to plan a Budget travel to London

London is a city which is on every traveler’s bucket list for this culture, class, and history. It is one of the most expensive cities that you can find, but if you can plan well, you can plan a travel to London on a budget.

Use these tips below to plan your budget travel to London

Get The Oyster card

You can take the Oyster Card for a quick pass into the transport system there. Within the zones you are traveling, get your card loaded with multiple rides. If you pre-pay the rides, it can sometimes be 50% cheaper than the single ride tickets. One advantage of this card is that you can take rides on bus and light rails system with the same card.

If you are not using this card, you will have to spend more than average £18 a day.

Enjoy the Free Things

This big city of London offers many free things around to see and do. You can find a list of free attractions and museums and a lot more if you keep your eyes open around.

You can wander in the beautiful Hyde Park and the famous Kensington Gardens. Museum of London, National Gallery, and The Tate Modern are few locations that you can see for free.

Th fun and historical event of London called The Chanting the Gaurd also costs you nothing.

You can also find many free events in the city and also look for art exhibitions and concerts which have free entry. You can use any good mobile app like Time Out to check the local happening around. Even if you wander aimlessly on the streets of London, you can some interesting things here and there.


You can eat for cheap almost everywhere. Look out for traditional cafes where you can get sandwiches and food carts to pick. You can also go to English eateries which offer breakfast for £3 to £5.

If it is a bright sunny day, you can shop for groceries from the local markets of Borough and some fruits, cheese, and wine for a picnic at one of the many parks in the city.

London Pass

You can also buy the London pass. It will cost you around £80 and gives you the entry to 32 attractions and you can use the public transport for no extra money. It can save you a lot of money which you can use for some attractions around.


In terms of accommodation, London can be quite an expensive city with swanky hotels and even the budget hotels are costly.

You can look for websites like Airbnb for some discounted accommodations like flats and shared apartments.

Staying little far from the city will always be cheaper and with a transport card, you can use the tube service from one point to another. You can also look for an apartment with kitchen and save a lot by cooking for yourself.

Using these tips you can save money and have a good vacation around the expensive city on a limited budget.

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